We love cows and farming!  And so we became hobby farmers with this idea that if we could do something a little different from the norm we could become more. But what different looked like we didn’t yet know until our introduction to water buffalo.  Since 2016 we have been raising water buffalo on our 97 acre farm in the Town of Erin. Sustainability, animal care and circular farming is important to us.

Water Buffalo is a nutritious meat that is lean, low fat and cholesterol. High in protein and said to be higher in omega-3 polyunsaturated fats than other traditional red meats and known to be easily digested. The flavor is similar to beef, although slightly sweeter. IT IS DELICIOUS! Water buffalo meat is easy to cook and can be substituted for beef in any recipe.

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Why should you eat Water Buffalo Meat?

Water Buffalo meat is lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than most meats yet is a very high source of Protein.  Athletes and people with concerns about their cholesterol levels or weight find Water Buffalo meat to be perfect for their health and well being.  Some Naturopaths and Doctors recommend it for people who struggle to digest red meats.